VirtuaWin supports modules for adding functionality without adding more features to the core application itself. This will insure that VirtuaWin will remain as small and fast as possible but still have the possibilities to add features for special needs. To use a module, just put the module in the ‘modules’ directory in your VirtuaWin installation directory, and upon startup or if the reload button is pressed in the setup dialog, the module should kick in.The module idea is quite simple; a module consists of an ordinary windows executable that communicates with VirtuaWin by sending messages. Download the module SDK (VirtuaWin_SDK_4.4) to get more information and code (in C) for module development. Any developing language supporting windows executables should be usable for developing modules.

If you send us a module we will also put up the source code, if included, and also your mail address or web address. Please tell us if you have another opinion about this. We also appreciate if you could include a small screen shot and a short description.


Module Description Developer Source Updated
AutoSwitcher This module will autocycle through your desktops until you stop it. The cycle interval is configurable. In version 2.0, all desktops have their own individual setting. Version 2.1 added hot key for enabling/disabling. 2.2 fixes problem with max 999 sec delay. In CVS 2011.08.04
I-conized I-conized is a module for VirtuaWin to simplify window management.
It utilize the same approach as many virtual desktop managers: each virtual desktop is represented as small peace (cell) of small topmost window and each window is represented by its icon on appropriate cell.
See for download and more information.
C++ 2008.07.08
KvasdoPager A taskbar located desktop pager for VirtuaWin with a similar look and feel as the standard Linux Gnome pager.

  • Displays a small preview of all your desktops.
  • Displays the window titlebar text when moving the mouse over them.
  • Can change desktop and move windows using the mouse.

See for download and more information.

C++ 2010.07.26
Message Passthrough This module reposts all received VirtuaWin module information messages to a specified third party window, such as an autohotkey script. The third party window can hence be notified of events such as desktop switches, requests for the module to display configuration details and VirtuaWin configuration changes. An example autohotkey script and the module source code is included.The third party window identifies itself by writing its window handle and message reception details into a data file read by the module. More than one instance of the module can be run at once, by creating a copy of the executable file with a different name (the window class name is derived from the executable path). Assembly 2009.08.27
PCVideo Desk Switcher This is a small plugin for mouse only desk switching. It allows quick switch between different desks with a popup menu. And it displays
the current desktop number in the taskbar notify area.
Yudong Yang C++? 2000.10.31
PCVideo Desk Switcher (no blink) This is a small plugin for mouse only desk switching. It allows quick switch between different desks with a popup menu. And it displays
the current desktop number in the taskbar notify area.
Yudong Yang C++? 2000.10.31
SL Desktop Name This is a module to VirtuaWin that enables you to associate names with your desktops and display them when switching between desktops. You may configure the font, colors and how long the name should be displayed. Fixes in this version:
Some systems didin’t shut down properly. Added some additional checks so the program shuts down when windows closes.
Snorre Lovas No 2000.06.15
Smart CoolName This one is similar to existing module SL Desktop name, but it shows the text as a transparent text – it looks like f.e. in Linux systems, when user changes between the desktops. Users may associate the desktop names, change fonts, its size, position where the text is displayed, colors of the outline and the text. This module is compatible only with Windows 2000, XP and 2003. No 2003.10.08
SwitchDesk A wallpaper switcher for VirtuaWin. Multi-user aware, ie. Joe Bloggs can have differen backgrounds to John Doe. Known to work on Windows 95, 98, NT 4 sp6, 2000, XP, Win 7.
Note: If you are upgrading from earlier versions you may need to set your desktop backgrounds up again. Several fixes/changes in latest version, see included readme for more information.
C 2015.11.06
SwitchPling This one plays a wav file when switching desktop. Very simple and very annoying :). Can have different sounds on left/right/up/down switching.
Latest update is only a recompile due to a Vista problem.
C 2010.01.16
VBackdrop VBackdrop is a very stupid but workable background switcher. When the desktop is changed it looks at the number for the new desktop and attempts to load a bmp file in your Windows directory named backdropN.bmp. C 2000.03.08
VirtuaColor This is a module which maintains a separate background color for each virtual desktop. You set the background color of each desktop as usual by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting Properties / Desktop. VirtuaColor ensures that the proper color is displayed when you switch between desktops. C 2009.07.19
VirtuaPlus VirtuaPlus 1.3
This is a module to VirtuaWin that enables you to display virtual desktop names when switching between desktops. It also can play an audio file when switching desktop. You can set up an individual background image for each virtual desktop. And finally you can run a list of items when a desktop is initially activated (i.e. startup items, can be disabled temporary if CTRL key is down). The module is written in Delphi 7.
Zdravko Stoychev Yes, Delphi 7. 2010.01.16
VirtuaSam VirtuaSam is a Samurizeplugin to interface with VirtuaWin.As such, it can be seen as two things:

  • A virtual desktop manager for Samurize (with a little help from VirtuaWin)
  • A skinnable interface for VirtuaWin (with a little help from Samurize)

VirtuaWin has no graphical interface of its own. It is controlled with the keyboard or through a systray icon, or as in this case, with an external application. This makes it an ideal companion for Samurize, providing virtual desktops integrated in your Samurize config.

VirtuaSam is freeware. VirtuaSam website

No 2007.08.16
VirtuaWallpapersPlus This is enhancement of Wallpapers.
It has few modes:
-Each desktop has its own wallpaper
-Wallpapers are randomly changed from specified folder after some time expire
-All desktops has one wallpaper which is on each desktop moved to create panoramic view.
No 2008.08.01
VWAssigner NOTE: This module is obsolete and does not work in later versions. Functionality is included in VirtuaWin itself. It is kept here as an example.With this module you can define two hotkeys, one for sending the active window to the next desktop and one for sending it to the previous one. Requires VirtuaWin 2.8 or above. In CVS 2005.11.15
VWDesktopIcons This VirtuaWin module enables the user to select which desktop icons are visible and set their position on each VirtuaWin desktop. This module requires VirtuaWin version 3.0 or above. In CVS 2011.03.17
vwPager 1.1 – A pager module. Displays a small graphical representation of all your current virtual desktops and lets you manipulate programs using the mouse: sticky, access and assign. The pager view can be automatically folded into the side of your desktop so it hardly uses any screen real estate. Colors are customizable too, as is the location of the pager view. See the readme file for further details.
No 2008.03.28
VWPreview This VirtuaWin module creates a preview of all desktops in either a window or full screen mode allowing the user to see all their desktops. Left clicking on a desktop will change to that desktop, right clicking anywhere will open the module’s setup dialog. The Tab, Shift+Tab and Enter keys can also be used to change desktops, Esc closes the preview. The module requires VirtuaWin version 4.2 or above.The module can also provide basic effects on desktop change, this requires VW version 4.3 or above. In CVS 2011.03.23
VWRun This isn’t actually a module. It’s a tool which can be used to switch to various desktops from cmdline. It’s also possible to run specific applications on specific desktops in one call. The source file contains more usage information. Thomas Wolf C++ 2003.06.26
VWSwitcher This one has the main idea to switch desktop to the first one when workstation is unlocked. It makes sure that entering your session, you would be switched to the “safety” screen, especially if some “strange” person stays behind you, some kind of a “boss key”. C, included 2010.05.09
VWTimeTracker This VirtuaWin module records the time spent on each desktop, this can be used as a basic automatic time tracker enabling you to know how much time you have spent an a particular desk. With build in screen saver activation detection pausing the timer the accuracy is reasonable with no user input. Requires version 3.0 or above. In CVS 2007.06.13
Win32WM A module(can also be used standalone) that implements a few window manager functions available in modern unix systems, like dragging windows around using Alt-key and left mouse button drag, etc. Click Matti Jagula link for more info.
Latest version: Win32WM module accepted a patch that fixes hotkey-related warning messages on module startup.
Matti Jagula C++ 2012.08.31
WVP This module allows you to switch desktops via the commandline (or a .bat-file). Leonhard Klein Delphi 2001.09.01