VirtuaWin 4.4 [426K] — Download and execute this file to install VirtuaWin.

VirtuaWin 4.4 (Unicode support) [427K] — Download and execute this file to install VirtuaWin with Unicode support.

VirtuaWin 4.4 (Portable version) [151K] — Download, unzip and run VirtuaWin anywhere.

VirtuaWin 4.4 (Portable unicode version) [152K] — Download, unzip and run VirtuaWin anywhere.

VirtuaWin 4.4 source [166K] — Unzip this zip archive to an empty folder. This archive includes the full source in C.
See the included readme file for more info. For the latest source, see the CVS repository.

Module SDK [16K] — Small module example code in C. Unzip this file and see the included readme for info on how to develop modules for VirtuaWin.

VirtuaWin 4.5 BETA – Select a beta version if you want to evaluate the latest

Also check out the modules and icon sets page for more downloads.

Change Log – Ver 4.4 2012/10/09

  • 3178720 Added dynamic taskbar support for Win7
  • 3082777 Implemented boss & unboss key
  • 3205756 Fixed activation of minimized window when not hiding them.
  • 3213525 Fixed title bar redraw issue caused by toggling TOOLWIN flag
  • 3310612 Implemented own FindWindow and improved module start-up reliability
  • 3242208 Changed action of Module Enable/Disable button to start module
  • 3060975 Improved code getting a window icon, getting icon from app first
  • 3364055 Updated hotkey list when setup is applied as changes may effect it
  • 3376539 Handled explorer exiting so middle mouse button still works
  • 3575279 Added message VW_INVERTY to return invert Up/Down setting
  • 3481678 Added Reapply window rules hotkey and module interface
  • 3304530 Added Automatically close window option to Window rule dialog
  • 3082788 Fixed problem with middle clicking on opera tabs opening VW menu
  • 3110164 Fixed problem with ‘stickies’ windows being automatically grouped

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