Some release updates

Hello. Not much have happened the last couple of years, but user community still seems strong so I spent some time this weekend to setup my dev environment again.
Currently posted a test version of next release v4.5. You can find it here:

Let me know of any issues please.
Unfortunately support for older Windows versions (pre-WinXP) will be dropped now, but should not affect many I hope. And they can always stay on v4.4 which is still going strong.

* 235 Corrected message sent for ALT key modifier for release
* 232 Somewhat patchy fix of unexpected crash. Dynamic taskbar support should probably be rechecked on newer win versions
* Fixed 1 byte scribble in vwModuleLoad
* 221 Fixed 64bit process names not being obtained and added VW icon to winrule dialog
* 228 Added main program resource to WinList to improve its identity
* 228 Added support for MS VC++ (Epress) 8 & 9+ (tested v10 2010)
* FR134 Fixed window order to be case insensitively sorted.
* Fixed typo reported by Dean Toth (thanks for reporting).
* 236 Hung window (blinking icon) on Windows10

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