VirtuaWin v4.0 beta1 made available

Test version 4.0 beta1 is now available for download, please read this first:

This version should correctly read virtuawin.cfg file of earlier releases but will generate a virtuawin.cfg file which will not be correctly read by earlier versions.

Please backup your virtuawin.cfg file so you can roll back to an earlier release.

This version does not load your existing tricky.cfg, sticky.cfg, assignment.cfg or userlist.cfg as these files and concepts have been merged into one – Window Types stored in the new window.cfg file. You will need to recreate these configurations using the new Window Type setup dialog.

This version has:

* Creation of a new Window Type dialog to manage userlist.cfg, tricky.cfg, sticky.cfg & assignment.cfg via a UI – no more hacking!
* 1819203 1810156 Window type identification can now be any combination of class, window or program name.
* 1798648 1796170 1627782 Changed window management to store some info about all non-child windows, allows VirtuaWin to not manage some window types and to manage others.
* Removed upper limit on the number of windows that VW can manage (although the window list menu is still limited to 255 windows)
* 1844268 Added window type option to keep a window’s taskbar button visible.
* 1843300 Rewritten main Setup hotkey configuration to allow many more different hotkeys to be created.
* Various fixes including SF 1820531, 1873636, 1843056, 1840887, 1873639

See HISTORY.TXT for a full list of changes and our main support page ( for more information on test versions.