Some release updates

Hello. Not much have happened the last couple of years, but user community still seems strong so I spent some time this weekend to setup my dev environment again.
Currently posted a test version of next release v4.5. You can find it here:

Let me know of any issues please.
Unfortunately support for older Windows versions (pre-WinXP) will be dropped now, but should not affect many I hope. And they can always stay on v4.4 which is still going strong.

* 235 Corrected message sent for ALT key modifier for release
* 232 Somewhat patchy fix of unexpected crash. Dynamic taskbar support should probably be rechecked on newer win versions
* Fixed 1 byte scribble in vwModuleLoad
* 221 Fixed 64bit process names not being obtained and added VW icon to winrule dialog
* 228 Added main program resource to WinList to improve its identity
* 228 Added support for MS VC++ (Epress) 8 & 9+ (tested v10 2010)
* FR134 Fixed window order to be case insensitively sorted.
* Fixed typo reported by Dean Toth (thanks for reporting).
* 236 Hung window (blinking icon) on Windows10

Update of SwitchDesk

Change highlights:
– Improved portability – relative paths are now stored for cached wallpaper images.
– Stability improvements.
NOTE: Cached filename format has been changed
from: switchdesk..
to: switchDesk-.
and config filename has been changed
from: switchdesk.
to: switchDesk-.cfg
to avoid some potential issues. Rename your existing files in your user directory as necessary if you want to keep your current settings.
You will find the download link on the Modules page. Also added a new Icon contribution.

Some instructional videos

Did some youtube browsing and found quite a few videos related to VirtuaWin (amazing and fun that people take their time to do this).
Here are two decent ones that explains a bit about the virtual desktop concept as well as a little bit what VirtuaWin is about for the complete beginner on virtual desktops.
video 1
Video 2

VirtuaWin 4.1 Released!

September 14, 2009 (Mon)

The VirtuaWin team is pleased to announce the release of v4.1 of VirtuaWin – virtual desktop manager for Windows.
Download VirtuaWin 4.1
Download VirtuaWin 4.1 (with Unicode support)
Download VirtuaWin 4.1 (portable version)
Download VirtuaWin 4.1 (portable version with Unicode support)
A complete list of changes are available on the download page as well as in the HISTORY.TXT file that accompanies the install. The complete source code for the 4.1 release is available here: VirtuaWin 4.1 source code.

After you’ve installed 4.1 come visit us on the VirtuaWin forum!